Juniper berry

Juniper is an evergreen, wild shrub that is commonly found growing in various parts of Europe, Asia as well as North America. It can also be found in the hilly northern parts of India. Despite its name, juniper berries are not the berries of the juniper plant. Instead, they are the female seed cone which are classified as a spice.
In Europe, juniper berries are commonly used as a flavouring agent for both food and alcoholic beverages. In fact, gin, one of the most popular alcohols, derives its distinctive flavour from juniper berry. It is the oil that is used to add flavour to cordial and liquors.

Additionally, juniper has multiple medicinal properties and health benefits. For instance, it is used for relieving flatulence and also has diuretic properties. This means that it can help increase your urine flow, thereby helping your body cleanse itself of excess fluids and crystals, as well as uric acid. When these are present in the body, they can lead to all kinds of health problems including arthritis, kidney stones and gout. Juniper berries are also known as nature’s insulin because of their unique ability to increase insulin production in our body, thereby helping to lower your blood sugar levels.