Bouillabaisse – Marseille fish soup. Initially, it was a simple soup of fishermen who cooked it with small fish, crustaceans, and shadowy remains of fishing. Bouillabaisse is a fish soup prepared from various species of fish and seafood, with the addition of garlic, tomatoes, oil, pepper, saffron and orange peel. The name comes from the Occitan language and means two basic activities to make this soup – bolhir – cooking, and albaissar – drain off.

After cooking the soup, it is drained through a sieve into a vase, and the fish, crayfish and crabs cooked in it are served on a separate platter. In Marseilles, the soup is served with croutons called marette. The soup is delicious, spicy, expressive. Thick and filling – if you serve it with croutons or a baguette, you will not have to plan a second course.