Blini are a traditional dish of Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian cuisine. Blins are yeast dough pancakes made of buckwheat-wheat flour or buckwheat-rye flour. However, there are also many homemade recipes for making dough for blinis, of various types of flour, with the addition of groats or kefir. They are served in many ways, from pure – without additives or with boiled fish to elegant – with cream or melted butter, pieces of salmon, smoked sturgeon, salted and marinated herring, fish salads, marinated mushrooms, caviar, grated cheese, sliced ​​egg, fish pastes and sauces.


Blini can also be served sweet and with jams. An essential element of this dish is that at the time of serving they should be warm and moist because they quickly become hard and fragile. In the past, blinis were baked in the oven. Today, they are fried on small pans serving specifically for this purpose. But let’s not give up making pancakes if we do not have such pans. The blin itself is quite simple in taste. The full spell takes on with various additions depending on the wealth of our pocket and fantasy. Ideally, when serving blinis at dinner with guests, we have someone who can eat them on a regular basis and report hot from the kitchen.