Bavarois, otherwise known as bavarian cream or creme bavaroise, is a type of sweet, velvety custard dessert. The base for bavarois is crème anglaise, which is thickened by adding egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, and cream or milk. The dessert is carefully cooked in a water bath before mixing in gelatine or isinglass to further thicken the mixture. Whipped cream is then folded in to add a special lightness to the dish.

The dessert is then left to set in a cold mould, and then unmoulded before serving on the plate. True bavarois is set in a fluted mould and chilled until it achieves a firm texture. The mould can first be coated with a fruit gelatine to produce a glazed effect on the final product. Bavarois is best served with fruit sauce, apricot or raspberry puree, or to fill charlottes. It can also be used as a filling for doughnuts instead of pastry cream.

How do you thicken bavarian cream?

Special attention must be paid when thickening a bavarois. To achieve the perfect texture, the dish should be heated to 80°C and constantly stirred while inside the water bath. To check if the right density has been achieved, you should be able to form waves on the surface of the cream when blowing on it. When the cream reaches the desired texture, gelatine can be dissolved before adding the whipped cream. This is another tricky part of perfecting bavarois, as whipped cream needs to be folded in at the exact right temperature. If the cream is too warm, the whipped cream will immediately liquify. If the cream is not warm enough, then the dish will set too fast and lose its desired texture.

Who created bavarois?

French chef and exponent of grande cuisine, Marie-Antoine Carême, is sometimes credited with inventing bavarian cream. The dish first started appearing in cookbooks in the late 1800s, in the Boston Cooking School cookbooks.


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