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CHEFIN is a catering experiences booking platform for businesses

CHEFIN serves over 10,000 corporate customers per year. CHEFIN is tech-powered startup that disrupts the old-school way of catering with freshly-made gourmet canapes & meals and stress-free onsite service. Our affordable-premium catering solutions are all available through an online marketplace platform that match your request with one of the talented local Chefs.

Why choose CHEFIN

CHEFIN is a tech-powered startup disrupting the old way of catering, through an online marketplace platform that matches requested needs with talented local Chefs.
We serves over 10,000 customers per year.
  1. Private chefs on demand customise your events
  2. Anywhere, anytime, we make it happen
  3. CHEFIN is FREE of hidden fees
  4. Quality guarantee or your money back

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97 / 100

(NPS, n=83)

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We were under so much pressure on that day and having CHEFIN as our caterer helped us to not worry about food anymore… I appreciate CHEFIN to be so organised and on time. Thanks again CHEFIN team.


What a fabulous idea! Beautiful food, entertaining chef, hassle free! Everybody really enjoyed our in-house lunch!! Great work!


The whole team at CHEFIN were amazing. the communication professionalism, right down to the outstanding food.


CHEFIN has gone above and beyond and blew all our guests away with service, food taste and presentation. I cannot wait to work with such professionals again who love and have a passion for what they do and how they do it.

BaronThe Founder Lab

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