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12 Course Degustation


Fine Dining 12 Course degustation meal:

Price set for a group of minimum 4 persons. Includes a waiter and 12 courses per person. The menu is carefully designed by a Private Chef based on your requirements.

Comprised of 12 courses:

  • Five entrees
  • Four mains
  • Three desserts

If you would like to book for a different number of people or are interested in other products please enquire for a bespoke event.

Your menu will be fully customised based on your requirements by a Private Chef.

Menu examples

1. Chef Winston’s Modern Japanese example menu: 

  1. Crab mouse
  2. Quail egg, caviar
  3. Signature oysters, green shallots vinegar, finger lime
  4. Soy scallop, rice cracker, pickled apple, avocado, squid ink cracker
  5. Umami salmon, wasabi cream, pickled shallots, sorrel
  6. WA lobster, asparagus, buttermilk, white miso, shiso oil
  7. Hokkaido sea urchin, caviar, puffed rice
  8. Glacier 51 toothfish, smoked tomato, beurre blanc
  9. 1829 wagyu rib eye mushroom, red wine jus
  10. Miso soup, shiitake, tofu, gold
  11. Black Lip Abalone brown butter, caper, citrus
  12. Melon soup, fresh melons, matcha ice cream

2. Chef Sailesh’s Spanish-fusion example menu: 

  1. Chorizo quesadillas (DF, GF)
  2. Kangaroo skewers, burnt honey-roasted rice (DF, GF)
  3. Barramundi taco, avo puree (DF, GF)
  4. Charred octopus, nduja mousse
  5. Blue swimmer crab mac and cheese
  6. Beyond burger slider (VEG)
  7. Buffalo fried cauliflower, ranch dressing (GF, VEG, DF)
  8. Moroccan spiced prawns, pea puree, orange salsa (DF, GF)
  9. Yuzu popcorn chicken, honey mustard aioli (GF)
  10. Teriyaki meatballs, mozzarella sumac, tomato relish (DF)
  11. Olive sourdough, garlic bread, Mari olives
  12. Wild mushrooms san-choy bao

3. Chef Manuel’s Modern Mexican example menu: 

  1. Snapper Sashimi, fresh limes, tequila, avocado, English cucumber bites, blue corn tostada
  2. Mini lobster slider, sundried tomato pesto, onion jam, green tomatillo relish, arugula
  3. Crispy pork belly, dark soy sauce, wild mushroom, bourbon guajillo glaze
  4. Mini pizzetta, tender corn dough, bocconcini, truffle salami, olive oil, fresh basil
  5. Zucchini flowers, sweet corn shot, a drizzle of dry chilli oil
  6. Duck black mole empanada, twenty-five spices, plantain puree, dark chocolate, earthy dry chillie sauce
  7. Scampi skewers, fresh mango & cilantro salsa, citrus reduction, agave worm salt
  8. Slow roasted lamb sponge maize, goat cheese mousse
  9. Wagyu bites, adobo marinade, chilli blend, roasted spices
  10. Bruschetta, caramelized Spanish onion, goats cheese, truffle blend, San Daniele prosciutto
  11. Fresh oysters, shallots, vinegar, shiraz, fresh chervil
  12. Mushroom & parmesan arancini, white truffle oil

Next Steps

Booking process

  • secure your booking by paying in full, if using bank transfer/eft ensure you use the order number as a payment reference, once payment has settled,
  • CHEFIN will send you a booking confirmation calendar invitation with information collection form,
  • when you fill out the form and submit, we will then assign a Chef to your booking,
  • the assigned Chef will design a tailored & unique menu for you & your guests to enjoy,
  • based on your requirements, you will be able to provide feedback and advise on menu & event changes.