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Think you know a real foodie when you see one? Well, we asked Australians to reveal their true cooking and dining habits. We stirred the pot, crunched the numbers, and came up with these 5 fun facts about how Aussie foodies plan their meals. Enjoy…

Foodies – Convenience is our top priority

What do we want? Delicious food without any hassle. When do we want it? Oh, pretty much all the time thanks. Yes, Australians admit that convenience (28%) is the number one reason to choose one meal over another. For the record, cravings (23%) and routine (22%) fill out the top three. We also look for healthy, nutritious meals (15%) and affordable options (14%).

1 in 5 would prefer someone else to do the cooking

Perhaps deep down we all just want to be judges on MasterChef or My Kitchen Rules. Relaxing, chatting, discussing the fancy menu, and of course eating spectacular food that we didn’t prepare ourselves. Whatever our motivations, the fact is 21% of Australians would like a private chef or another person to cook their meals. And let’s be honest, who can blame them?

1 in 3 planned a dinner party last month

It seems we’re a nation of social (and rather hungry) butterflies, with 32% of people organising a dinner party or food-related event in the past month. Younger people are even more likely to get their friends together around the table, with 40% of 18-34 year olds organising some sort of dining experience in the past month. In addition, 70% of Australians dined out and 72% ordered takeaway food in the past month.

The average host needs 7 days to plan an event

What’s an appropriate amount of time to plan a dinner party? A phone call the night before sounds like a bad idea. Six months in advance and your guests might forget where you live, let alone when to turn up. How about 7 days of party planning? That’s the average preference of hosts around the country. However, 17% are still more likely to start planning at the last minute (2 days prior or less) and 36% are more likely to start planning 8 days prior or longer.

Almost two-thirds foodies prefer authentic cooking

There are plenty of food choices out there, but 62% of us crave authentic or homestyle cooking. Food that reminds us of our favourite dishes from childhood. Food made by a passionate chef. Food that tastes like real food. Mmmmm spaghetti bolognese … what gets your taste buds tingling?


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