Tostada comes from the Spanish word which means ‘toasted.’ It refers to flat or bowl-shaped tortillas that are deep-fried or toasted and used as a base ingredient. A local dish of Mexico and Latin America Tostadas can be consumed alone or as a base for other recipes. Tortilla, taco, and tostada are not one and the same. The tortilla is a round bread made of cornmeal or flour. Taco is traditional Mexican snack food. It is a tortilla with toppings on it. Tostada is a flat tortilla which is fried or toasted and is associated with the cuisine of Latin America and Mexico.

Tostada is mostly served as a companion to various Mexican food or consumed as a dish on their own. In Oaxaca, the tostada is used to prepared tlayuda, and it uses the largest tostada, the size of a pizza. Tlayuda topped with chapulines are considered a delicacy.

Tostada uses the same topping as taco. Tostada is spread with beans, chopped lettuce, sliced onions, cheese, sour cream, salsa and is topped with diced and fried meat or seafood. The main topping must be pasty enough to stay on and keep the other toppings from falling. Tostadas can be cut into small chips called tortilla chips. Commercially they are called ‘nachos.