Nasturtium is a flower that is believed to be native to South America. However, today, they are grown all over the world. Both the flowers and the leaves are edible, and have a pepper-like flavour. This refreshing taste often lands them in all kinds of salads. The flowers are bright and colourful, ranging from tangerine to deep red, and this unique tint adds an appealing look to any dish it is added to.


It is not only the flowers and leaves of nasturtium that are used for culinary purposes. Even the seed pods of this plant can be pickled and used as a more cost-effective substitute for capers. In many parts of North America and Europe, nasturtium is added to butter, cream cheese or cottage cheese for its unique flavour. It is also commonly used as a filling in tea sandwiches. Nasturtium spreads are also available, which are used while preparing mayonnaise.

The great thing about nasturtium is that it is very rich in vitamin C, an essential vitamin that our body requires in order to function properly. For this reason, the flower also has health benefits such as relieving common cold and flu, and can also help in the healing of infections and cuts.