Horseradish is a herb that that has a hard surface with large leaves. It is mostly grown for its roots, which has an intense, pungent aroma, and a sharp, hot flavour. There are two types of horseradish – common type and bohemian type. The common type, as the name suggests, is more commonly and easily found. It has broad, wrinkled leaves and has high-quality roots. The bohemian type, on the other hand, has narrower leaves with poor quality roots.
Originally found in parts of Eastern Europe, Poland, Eastern Ukraine and Southern Russia, horseradish is now grown widely in New Zealand as well as North America. It is also cultivated in some parts of North India and in a few hill stations in South India.

Horseradish as a spice has a wide variety of uses. It is often mixed with salt and vinegar and added as a flavouring agent when preparing roasted or boiled beef. It can also be used as a sauce or a cream, while the leaves can be added in sandwiches and salads. Horseradish is the key ingredient in Russian dressing, which is used to make a corned beef sandwich. It is also commonly used to add flavour in the popular drink, Bloody Mary.