Coriander Seed

As a plant, coriander is a member of the parsley family. Its seeds are dried and are used as spices in different parts of the world. It has a sweet and aromatic flavour with a hint of citrus. The leaves of the plant are known as cilantro, and interestingly, they have a very different taste and smell from coriander seeds.
Even though they are native to the Mediterranean and South Europe, coriander can be found in different countries today. For instance, they are widely cultivated in countries such as Russia, Morocco, India, France, Mexico, the United States, Central America and various East European countries.

Mostly used as a spice and condiment in Middle Eastern, Latino and Indian cuisines, they are used to add flavour in all kinds of food ranging from meat, sausages, curries, to cookies, pastries and bread. Additionally, coriander seed is a key ingredient in the preparation of puddings, meat products, baked goods, soda and syrups, candy preserves as well as liquors, where it is used as a flavouring agent. Coriander seeds also have therapeutic properties and are commonly used to relieve nausea, seasonal fever as well as various types of stomach disorders.