Celery leaf

Celery belongs to the Apiaceae family, and is cultivated for its seeds, leaves, oleoresin as well as essential oil. Celery is also known as Apium graveolens L., its botanical name. Being a herbaceous plant, it grows erect and has closely joined stems and well-developed leaves. Generally, celery is natively grown in different countries across the globe, from European countries such as Sweden to Egypt, to African countries such as Algeria and Ethiopia as well as India, China and other Asian countries. In the planes, it grows throughout the year. However, in the hills and in places with colder climates, it is biennial.

The uses of celery leaf in cooking are varied. Along with the stalks or stems of the plant, the leaves can be eaten raw or mixed with other vegetables to make a salad. They can also be added in stews, soups as well as in pasta sauce. Thanks to its very distinct aroma and flavour, celery is also used to season meat and to add flavours in beverages, ice creams, baked goods and confectionaries. Moreover, the plant also has tons of health benefits and is often used as a medicine for treating illnesses such as liver diseases and asthma.