Blindfolded Dinner - Chefin
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Blindfolded Dinner


What we’ll do

I will host you for a Blindfolded Tasting Dinner and take you on a unique culinary journey! With an atmosphere designed to heighten your sense of taste, I will serve six gourmet courses inspired by cuisines of the world. Throughout the night I will also take you through the stories behind each dish. It will be a fun, interactive and memorable dining experience. Once you arrive at the venue, I will welcome you and lead you to your seat at the dining table. Before the food is served you will be asked to place a blindfold over your eyes as the lights in the room are dimmed. I will then serve each course, allowing you only to smell and taste the individual dish. Finally, with your blindfold lifted and the dish revealed, I will tell you about the origins and ingredients that make it special.

Where you’ll be

Situated in one of Sydney’s most iconic areas, the house is a perfect combination of history, exclusivity and modern world glamour.

Provided Meal

6-course degustation meal
Gourmet cuisines from around the world. All dietary requirements will be accommodated.

Provided Drinks

BYO beverages
Bring any alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages to the table for us to serve you throughout the evening.

About The Host

Winston Zhang

Originally Chinese, I immigrated to Australia from Shanghai many moons ago. My passion for food was born here in Sydney – through the beautiful and diverse ingredients this city has to offer. I am a CHEFIN’ premium chef who loves to delight diners with innovative & beautiful dishes. For me food is about creating new unique ways of presenting dishes whilst keeping that authentic taste.