Solidteknics Cookware

World-first, unbeatable kitchenware that has chefs gushing

This is not your average cookware. This is innovative, game-changing, world-first cookware that’s durable for generations and generations. 

In fact, Sold Teknics’ products come with a multi-century guarantee. That’s how confident they are in what they do. 

Real hard yakka Aussie cookware

No frills and maximum value. That’s how the Solid Teknics team run the show. Their cookware is all made in Australia, with no synthetic or toxic coatings, and built to last generations. 

It all started in 2014, when a mechanical engineer and keen cook called Mark J. Henry grew increasingly tired of seeing disposable synthetic coated pans in the shops. He couldn’t bear to imagine these pans piling up in landfill, and he envisioned a new era in cookware that was better for our health, our food, and the planet. And so he got to work creating the cookware he dreamed of.

It took 20 years of research and development to get the first of Solidteknics’ many world-first kitchenware innovations to be refined and ready for launch. This was a seamless, one-piece pan wrought from a single sheet of iron. Slick, good-looking, and bloody efficient. The pan was free from toxins, heavy metals, and synthetic coating, and durable enough to last literally centuries. And you’ll find those features in the rest of Solidteknics range. 

Rock solid tools for the kitchen ninja

Anyone who knows their way around the kitchen knows the importance of a durable, trusty piece of kitchenware that will stand the test of time. They know how a good piece of cookware will make the food taste even better, while shoddy ones impart a less-than-pleasant result on your cooking. And Solidteknics make the best of the best with efficiency second to none. Use them for searing steak, warming tacos, grilling seafood, or over the fire when camping. 

The team is committed to only developing and manufacturing products that they believe are the best of their kind in the world – in performance, health, sustainability, and durability – all while remaining competitive in price. With cutting edge innovation, the team have created truly solid cooking tools that double as treasured heirlooms that can be passed down generations and save millions of disposable pans from piling up in landfills. 

The first batch of Solidteknics cookware was manufactured in Australia, but increasing demand and popularity quickly led them to opening a factory in the USA. With internationally recognised remarkable design, their must-have kitchenware covers all your cooking needs, with no nasty coating coming off in your food, no toxic fumes spreading around your home, and the ability to and just keep getting better with age.

World-first, unbeatable kitchenware that has chefs gushing 

Solidteknics have two darlings of their product range: AUS-ION™ and Nöni™, both designed to complement each other and cover all of your cooking needs. AUS-ION™ is the world’s only seamless one-piece production wrought iron chef pan. Perfect for the everyday oil/fat-based frying and grilling, it’s made from natural clean Australian wrought iron. The AUS-ION™ cooks and seasons like all bare cast iron cookware but is half the weight of traditional cast iron. Seasoned iron is naturally non-toxic and nonstick, forever-renewable and free from synthetic coatings. 

Nöni™ is a genuine world-first in cooking ware, a ferritic, non-nickel stainless steel range. Each pan in the Nöni™ range is formed into shape from one solid sheet of 3mm ferritic non-nickel stainless steel. They’re nearly twice as conductive as regular 18-10 nickel-based stainless steels and perfect for liquid boiling, slow cooking, and making acidic sauces. Nöni™ is just as low maintenance as its AUSION counterpart. 

What’s most impressive and most aesthetically pleasing about Solidteknics’ range – besides their incredible durability and cooking ability – is their creation from a single sheet of iron. No joints, screws, or rivets. That not only makes for beautiful kitchenware but easy cleaning, too. 

The healthy, sustainable, multigenerational kitchen tools coming out of Solidteknics innovative minds are already being used in thousands of professional kitchens and happy homes, by cooks who are fast becoming obsessed with their new kitchen tools. And it’s no wonder, the proof is all in the cooking. The Solidteknics range is used by renowned chef Neil Perry of Rockpool fame, Chef Robin Wickens from the Royal Mail Hotel, Nick Baker, executive chef at Mantle Group Hospitality, and chef Mark LaBrooy of Three Blue Ducks in Byron Bay.

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