Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Eggs

Nature is as nature does

Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Eggs are best known for their high quality pasture raised eggs, laid by free range hens in their organic production system. The sustainable farms produce nutritionally dense food that’s packed with punch and ploughs all efforts back into the Mulloon Institute. 

But there’s more to Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Eggs than just great eggs. It’s part of a greater project that seeks to rehydrate and rehabilitate more than 2.5 million hectares of agricultural land, helping to improve the productivity and profitability of over 5,000 farming families. If that’s not a feel-good project you want to support, then what is?

It all starts 40 minutes east of Canberra, over 40 years ago

In a region best known for beef cattle production and raising sheep for wool and meat is Murray Creek Natural Farms. Spread over 2,300 hectares Bungendore, in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Murray Creek Natural Farms encompasses two properties which are both managed using holistic management practices and biodynamic farming methods. 

The first property is The Home Farm, which straddles the Great Dividing Range and spills onto an adjoining valley. The Duralla Farm is more open country and home to a pasture-raised, free-range egg operation that utilises an organic production system on biodynamic pastures. Tony Coote Am was the original owner of Murray Creek Natural Farms, and it was he who founded the Mulloon Institute which has now taken over management of the farms. 

The vision at Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Eggs is to be a profitable, diverse, and sustainable model of biodynamic farming, regenerative agriculture, and landscape restoration, building biodiversity and environmental capital for future generations. In simpler words, it’s about sustainably managing the land so that it can keep on reaping rewards and fresh, healthy produce for centuries to come.

The Mulloon Institute, which receives its funding from sales of produce from Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Eggs, undertakes globally recognised property and catchment scale rehydration and restoration research. Their methods and findings are used by farmers all across Australia to create resilient, productive, and profitable farms where agriculture and the environment work together in unison.

Nature is as nature does

The team at Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Eggs are best known for their high quality pasture raised eggs laid by free ranging hens. But there’s so much more to the properties than just the eggs they produce. The team prides themselves on their biodynamic pastures and strive to produce nutrient dense food that’s free from synthetic chemicals. They follow nature’s examples to help them manage their soils, creeks, pastures, and animals by building natural capital on the farm and giving animals a healthy, wholesome life in the great outdoors. 

The Mulloon Creek Natural Farm Eggs crew base their regenerative farming decisions on what they call ‘conscious based thinking’. This encompasses a flexible approach and an awareness of what’s happening in the landscape and the biology they influence. Senses are keen here, and the team is open and aware of the impact that each action has on the extended environment.

The highly sustainable farms are managed holistically, using a range of farming principles, practices, and techniques from numerous leaders in the field. There’s Allan Savory’s holistic planned grazing, which improves the productive capacity of the land. And there’s Peter Andrews’ natural sequence farming techniques which restore multiple series of highly absorbent mini wetlands that capture and store water in the landscape. 

But all technical detail aside, at the heart of Mulloon Creek Natural Farms is a desire to regenerate the land, and honour it for what it gives to us humans: nutritious food, sustenance, and life.

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