Milly Hill Lamb

It’s hard work producing the country’s finest lamb

Prime lambs raised in some of Australia’s most pristine countryside. 

Milly Hill Lamb is one of the most sought after premium lamb brands in the country. The family owned and operated business produces exceptional meat from individually selected, prime quality lambs raised on the pastures of the New England Tablelands. 

This isn’t just your typical high quality lamb brand, and not just any lamb makes the cut when it comes to Milly Hill. To maintain their exceptional quality, only the very best lambs are sourced according to stringent specifications. And those specifications guarantee a tender, juicy, and flavoursome lamb that’s superior in every way.

Dive into the world of Milly Hill and see what makes their lamb so exceptionally different. 

From ‘lamb in a box’ to an award-winning product

In 2007, a small local business started to supply home-delivered ‘lamb in a box’ to family and friends in the New England region. Peter Strelitz was the mastermind behind this lamb delivery service, and he quickly grew to notice increasing demand for premium lamb amongst consumers. 

People were getting big on free range, high quality meats that were ethically produced and tasted bloody good. There was a gap in the market just waiting to be filled by a lamb producer that was ethical and focused on exceptional quality meat. But how can you ensure such high standards? 

Peter knew there would need to be a lamb brand that exemplified excellence in quality, consistency, and reliability. There had to be a brand that was synonymous with the best lamb in the country, and it might as well be him who started it. 

He started forming a value chain with stringent specifications that suppliers would have to meet before they could use their lambs under the Milly Hill brand. With those specs in mind, he sought out specialist farmers and suppliers who loved their lambs as much as he did, and they started dedicating their best lambs and products to Milly Hill. 

It’s hard work producing the country’s finest lamb

To find the best of the best, the creme de la creme, of lamb is no easy feat. There are a lot of specifications and standards to meet, and the family has to maintain close relationships with their suppliers to ensure the highest quality makes the cut. There are no anonymous lamb donors here. Milly Hill are so strict on quality that they won’t compromise on the lambs that make it under the brand name. 

Milly Hill sources its grass-fed lamb from 150 regional suppliers, as well as Peter and his family’s own farm. Only prime lambs, known for superior eating quality traits, are eligible to go under the Milly Hill brand. Every lamb is individually assessed by livestock assessors with uncompromising specifications, attention to detail, and quantitative measures throughout the supply chain. 

Lambs that go to Milly Hill are happy and healthy, two essential requirements in producing a premium lamb that tastes great and has lived well. All farms that dedicate their lamb to the brand must adhere to Milly Hill’s high standards of animal health and welfare, as well as best practice management systems. This includes sustainable farming practices, financial responsibility, and a commitment to minimal impact on the environment.

To keep an eye on their product and maintain quality assurance, every lamb under the Milly Hill brand is fully traceable under the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), assigned with an ear tag soon after birth that shows the property where the lamb was born. This number remains with them right through until processing, ensuring each lamb can be traced back to the property where it was raised. 

Carefully selected and bred for a superior eating experience

To guarantee the highest quality meat, Peter takes a hands-on approach from paddock to plate. He personally selects many of the prime lambs for Milly Hill and regularly meets with chefs and restaurateurs to hear what customers are saying. He also works closely with fine dining chefs to produce new cuts. This feedback helps fuel his work and allows him to keep ensuring only the finest lambs make it to your plate. 

And it works! Since its inception, Milly Hill has been widely recognised for their outstanding product. In 2012, they won the Royal Agricultural Society’s President’s Medal, which is regarded as Australia’s highest produce accolade. They’ve also consistently walked away with medals in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show as well as winning Gold in the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards and numerous other medals. 

The brand’s premium quality is evident in its impressive list of wholesale clientele, which includes Rockpool Bar & Grill and Buon Ricordo – two of Sydney’s finest restaurants. Neil Perry of Rockpool fame lauds the brand, saying “The team at Milly Hill have been supplying Rockpool Bar & Grill with the most amazing lamb since the day we opened our doors”. 

So what makes it taste so good? Besides an exceptional selection of prime lambs, Milly Hill meat has a good marbling of fat that gives the lamb a higher flavour and moisture content. This allows for a tender, juicy lamb product that’s divinely flavoursome and melts in your mouth. The rigidness of their selection criteria ensures a consistent product in terms of both quality and flavour, so you always know you’re in for a good one when you see the Milly Hill brand name.

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