Carrara640 Wagyu Beef

Buttery beef with the finest genes

World class Australian wagyu beef that honours the magic marble.

Carrara640 is one of the world’s finest wagyu beef producers. With an intricate, feathery pattern, this multi-award winning beef is the pinnacle of all wagyus.

This is not your average wagyu beef

Carrara640 have created a high-end 7+ to 9+ score wagyu, with world-class genetics. The exceptionally crafted wagyu beef has a phenomenal buttery texture and intense flavour that lingers on the palate and surpasses the flavour of most wagyu beef. Only the best cows make it under the Carrara640 brand, allowing for consistently amazing wagyu that tastes absolutely incredible time and time again. 

Behind the Carrara640 brand is a team of grain-fed specialists who grow only world class grain-fed beef and nothing else. This makes them experts at what they do, driven by a passion for wagyu as well as the desire to meet exacting specifications that allow them to consistently deliver on their promise of genetic mastery and culinary excellence. 

Great tasting beef starts from the moment a cow is born. Considerate treatment and humane handling of the livestock on Carrara640 farms is paramount, keeping the cows happy and healthy. Fully trained livestock handlers ensure the brand’s cattle are treated with respect and receive a high quality of care that’s in keeping with Carrara640’s luxurious and prestigious reputation.

This is wagyu that’s made with absolute care, love, and attention throughout every step of the way. The Carrara640 team work closely with governing industry organisations and their supply chain to meet the highest quality standards for every part of the production process, including traceability, safety, hygiene, and product integrity. The result is a product that has been created with perfection in every step of its process, guaranteeing a perfectly marbled product that’s juicy, tender, and brimming with flavour. 

Savour the experience

Such decadent wagyu beef demands your attention. Time slows down as you take a bite and chew, the wagyu melting in your mouth and pleasing your senses with its divine flavour and soft texture. It’s the ultimate dining experience, which is no surprise considering the product is under the Kilcoy Global Foods umbrella, a name respected for delivering premium quality grain-fed beef to the world. 

Carrara640 is Kilcoy’s wagyu venture, created with the aim of establishing a new standard in wagyu beef that’s marked with excellence, superior flavour, and an unbeatably soft texture. And it’s certainly carved a name for itself around the world. 

Their success is fuelled by an assurance of an incredible flavour experience each time. With consistently high performance across all markets across the globe, the premium price of Carrara640 is validated against other brands of beef which simply cannot capture the genetic profile of such an exceptional eating experience. 

Inspired by the world’s best marble

Of course, the marbling on Carrara640’s wagyu is unmatched. The intricate and feathery patterns found in the marble of Carrara640 don’t just make it look incredible, but elevate its buttery texture. This delicate marbling has become synonymous with taking wagyu to exceptional new heights and has helped position Carrara640 as a luxury item that’s as prestigious as it is mouth-wateringly delicious. 

And it’s how the brand got its name. Carrara640 is widely recognised as the world’s best known and most prestigious marble, with white characteristics that resemble the intricate, feathery white fat marbling on Carrara640’s wagyu beef. 

It’s no surprise that Carrara640 has quickly gained worldwide recognition and picked up numerous accolades for its exceptional wagyu. The multi-award winning beef boasts Gold Medal for Branded Beef at the 2022 QLD Food & Wine Show as well as Gold Medal at the 2022 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition.

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