Rwandan Skewers with Harissa sauce

Rwandan Skewers with Harissa sauce. So, I did my research on Rwandan cuisine and found out about Brochette, which is a term in French as skewers. It is common in Rwanda to have skewers of meat sold out in their region, mostly made of goat but since we do not have goat meat here in […]


Latkes to die for, this Chanukah Alan has added spice and variety to his basic latke recipe “one of the few things my wife let me make in her kitchen”. Cooking tips When turning the latkes, use a slotted spoon; it reduces the splash and helps the oil drain. The potatoes will start to weep water the […]

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus with Apricots & Pistachio

This is a really easy recipe with chopped apricots & pistachio adding a sweet crunch. It’ll go perfectly with your favourite bread. Do not skimp on the topping! Topping ½ cup chopped apricots (pre-soaked in hot water to plump up) ½ cup rough chopped pistachio, without the shell 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley 50ml olive […]