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CHEFIN’s mission is to improve the lives of chefs all across the globe. We aspire to live in a world where every chef feels empowered on their journey and has a clear path towards success as they see it. We figured the best way to help achieve this is by nurturing a community of chefs that provides guidance, support, career growth and guidance to fuel their individual careers. 

Joining the CHEFIN community of Chefs early on means you get access to the best chefs in the world to learn from & receive mentorship from. You can work alongside Executive Chefs and Celebrities as an assistant, kitchen hand or even a waiter. The world is your oyster, take action and build the connections you need to succeed in your career! 

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Each menus is created with love

What it’s like to work alongside a CHEFIN private chef? 

Each event is unique, at a new location, special occasion! Each Private Chef you will work alongside is experienced with a minimum of 13 years of experience and some up to 30-40 years of industry experience and knowledge. 65 of the Chefs we have in our network have worked in 3 Michelin Star venues for more than 2 years! Some have even created dishes that are served in Michelin-star establishments around the world. Others have cooked for celebrities! All Private Chefs work exclusively with the best ingredients around the world.

What you get from joining CHEFIN

  • Choose your hours – You’re free to accept or reject bookings at any time, so you can work when you want, 
  • Competitive pay – you will get paid a basic rate to learn, who doesn’t want to be paid to learn!,
  • Everything you need to be a chef – You’ll learn everything needed to be a chef & even more – how to run a business as a Chef,
  • Insurance protection – Every chef working as part of CHEFIN’s platform can access full public liability insurance and regulatory compliance. 
  • Exclusive Opportunities – as part of the network you will get exclusive Job Offers & networking connections with the best chefs in the world!

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5 principles uniting CHEFIN Chefs:

Commitment to quality

As a private chef, you’re expected to demonstrate a great commitment to quality. This encompasses everything from choosing the best quality products and sourcing the finest ingredients out there, to the presentation of your dishes and the way you use ingredients. 

Mastery of flavour profiles & cooking techniques

You must be prepared to improvise and adjust your cooking style depending on the available resources you have for each event. Make the most of what you are given!

Unique personalities

To truly succeed as a private chef, you must stand out from the crowd and present your unique individual personality to the world. Every dinner you create is an exclusive experience for guests, and you are part of the show. You need to shine in your communication as well as your appearance, and every plate you serve should stand out and shout out to the world – “This is me!”

Sensational food

A truly special dish is one you never want to end. Our private chefs are committed to presenting each dish with a full harmony of flavours, structuring the menu to make guests want more and more. It’s all about creating something truly joyful to eat, every time.


When you embody your private chef persona, people start to crave that same experience over and over. They want consistency, and you need to be able to demonstrate the same dedication and quality of cooking time and time again. To truly succeed as a private chef, your individual dishes and all your services should share harmonious qualities.

Don’t be afraid to show your creativity.

Branch out, embrace yourself as an individual and follow your passion as a chef. Some of the best private chefs in our community work directly with growers, farmers, and fishermen. Some even forage in hedgerows and woodlands, grow their own plants and rear animals. Others are avid supporters of regenerative methods such as no-dig vegetable gardens and successional cover crop growing. 

We don’t want to tell you who to be – we simply want to empower you to embrace who you are and show it to the world.