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Team building that tastes good


Give your team a taste of something different. Our creative team building ideas mix food with fun, to deliver a unique take on bonding and community. Historically, food has been a major thing that brings people together, and that exists across all cultures. What better way to bring your team together than with some food and shared experiences?

Team building coocking class

Blindfolded dinners

The blindfolded dinner is a unique way to get your team lightly competing, learning about one another, and enjoying a totally new experience. Seated around the table, your employees will each put on a blindfold. The blindfolds aren’t an opportunity for your team to take a nap! Nope.

Blindfolded dinner - women drinking

Your personal chef will then deliver a multi-course meal, which your team will eat while blindfolded. Without the sense of sight, the other senses are now heightened, meaning your team will taste the food like never before. Have them guessing over what they think the ingredients, dishes, and origins of each meal are. After each dish, whip off the blindfolds and see who’s got the keenest senses amongst your team!

Corporate catering - buffet style

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Cooking classes

This is a more traditional team building exercise in that you’ll actually have your team working in, well, teams! With your own personal chef on hand, your team will be instructed on a delicious recipe which they’ll have to mimic. You can choose anything from pasta or pizza making to pastry work, or even have your team vote on something they’d like to learn.

team building ideas - cooking classes

At the end, your teams can each compare their new creations and have a taste of what the other team’s dishes taste like. They’ll walk away better at teamwork, problem solving, following instructions, and cooking!

team building mystery dinner

Culinary camping experiences

Take your team out for a night in the wilderness, where they can bond, learn and exchange stories, and mingle around a tasty BBQ. With a private chef as your guide, your team can visit local food growers and producers, learn about local flavours & herbs, and enjoy a tasty Aussie BBQ in the bush. You’ll be camping overnight in a secret spot that’s truly beautiful, surrounded by native flora and fauna.

Culinary camping enjoy the moments

Tasty team building

Got your own ideas for a tasty team building experience? Get in contact and let us know of your ideas and we’ll do our best to make it a reality!

Corporate catering - delicious Japanese food

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