We’ll do all the behind-the-scenes work to make this moment special

Popping the question?


Planning to pop the question is no easy feat! You want to make the moment special so it can linger in the minds of both you and your love for all of eternity. With all of these romantic proposal videos popping up on the internet, it can be hard to compete for that level of luxury and sophistication. That’s what we’re here for! Consider us your romantic cupids who will do all the behind-the-scenes work to make sure your proposal is extravagant, unforgettable, and catered with your lover in mind.


Romantic food for romantic times

You can’t pop the question without sharing a fine-dining meal with your loved one! That’s just part of the process, isn’t it? We’ll connect you with your very own private chef to cook and deliver a mouth-watering romantic feast that’s made just the way you like! You can work with your personal chef to craft a menu that’s full of all your favourites, including memorable meals and cultural cuisine.


Or if you prefer, treat yourself and your partner to a taste of something different and have your chef design a menu from their own creative imagination. Whether you’re seeking a multi-course meal, light canapes, a yummy grazing table, or tasty desserts, your private chef will serve a five-star meal you’ll never forget.

romantic dinner for two

Why choose CHEFIN?

We offer holistic experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.
Our full-scale event service means you’re free to mingle with your guests, and stress less.

So what’s included?

  • Private Chef delivering a mouth-watering feast on-site,
  • Unique personalised dining experiences you won’t find elsewhere,
  • Hassle-free group dining with cleaning included,
  • We’ll go anywhere, anytime, for any occasion,
  • You’re satisfied or you get your money back.

Make this proposal fun

Why keep the proposal only about the proposal? Have some fun with your partner and mix things up a bit with our unique dining experiences. Designed with the aim of mixing food with fun, our foodie experiences engage the senses and have you sharing new tastes, flavours, and moments together. Enjoy a blindfolded dinner, cooking class, culinary journey exploring new flavours & cuisines, or a cook-off!

Board meeting haute cuisine

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to impress your guests

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Jaw-dropping marriage proposal venues

Want to truly impress when popping the question? You’ll have to make sure you choose the right venue. We have exclusive access to a range of the city’s most sophisticated hidden venues. Our spaces offer privacy, grandeur, opulence, and lots of room for you and your lover to enjoy this moment. Choose from extravagant ballrooms and slick modern restaurant/bars to chic rooftops and designer spaces. Our premium venues will make your proposal one to remember.

Social party service

Full-scale marriage proposal planning

Know you want a romantic marriage proposal but not sure where to start with the planning? That’s what we’re here for! We’ve helped people pull off countless proposals in the past, and we know what kind of elements get hearts thumping! You can count on us to do all the creative brainstorming and hard work to deliver a marriage proposal that’s designed specifically with your partner in mind. Just let us know your ideas (if you have any), and let the cupids do the work!

Edible flower - mini canapes with elements of molecular