We’ll help you plan an office warming that’ll wow your guests

Let’s celebrate that new office


Moved into a new office? Let’s show that space some love. Whether you want to celebrate the new office with a cocktail party, dinner, luxury soiree, or crazy bash, we’ll take care of everything so you can focus on the fun (or moving all the furniture). We can throw a good office party with our eyes closed, and we’ve got all the goods to deliver an exceptional night.

New office warming

Warm the office, warm up some food

Celebrate that fancy new office with fine-dining worthy meals. We’ll take care of all your party catering and hook you up with a private chef to deliver food that’s as fine as your new office. Whether you’re after canapes, multi-course meals, grazing tables, or cakes, you can work with your personal chef to craft a menu that’ll keep your guests satisfied.

Office warming buffet

You don’t throw an office warming everyday, and this is your excuse to go all out with a personalised menu that’ll impress both your colleagues and the big boss.

Office warming champagne

Why choose CHEFIN?

We offer holistic experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.
Our full-scale event service means you’re free to mingle with your guests, and stress less.

So what’s included?

  • Private Chef delivering a mouth-watering feast on-site,
  • Unique personalised dining experiences you won’t find elsewhere,
  • Hassle-free group dining with cleaning included,
  • We’ll go anywhere, anytime, for any occasion,
  • You’re satisfied or you get your money back.

Office party entertainment

Want your guests to focus on more than just the brand new office? We’ve got you sorted with a slew of unique culinary experiences that’ll keep you guests entertained and mingling. A fusion of fun and food, our culinary journeys include experiences like blindfolded dinners, cook-offs, and cooking classes. Good times, tasty food, and flowing conversation are guaranteed.

Office warming grazing table

Not sure what you need

to impress your guests

You are in the right place,

contact us

and a dedicated Account Manager will take care of your needs

Want to take the party somewhere else?

Maybe you’re not ready to have the team drinking red wine in your brand new office yet. We’ll help you plan an afterparty in one of the city’s most exclusive hidden venues. From luxe ballrooms and designer restaurants to private bars, chic rooftops, and hidden venues, we’ve got a space for parties of all sizes and tastes.

Office warming finger food

Too busy moving to plan?

We’ve got you! Just give us your ideas, vision, or theme for the office warming and we’ll help make it a reality. If you don’t have any ideas and want to leave the planning to us, then we’ll deliver an unforgettable night to usher in that new office! We’re here from start to finish – and we’ll clean up afterwards.

last minute chef