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Private Chef Proposal

The experience

CHEFIN in collaboration with My Proposal Co. presents a romantic fine dining experience designed to captivate your soon-to-be fiancé.

Starting at $2,900, this package includes a decadent three-course meal prepared by a private chef, accompanied by a bottle of premium French champagne. But our offerings extend beyond just a meal. Our dedicated proposal planner looks after every detail of your special moment, from the romantic table-for-two setup to the personalized touches that make it uniquely yours.

The magic unfolds in a location of your choice, be it a private venue, your home, or even a park. The scene is set with a “MARRY ME” sign, an array of candles, beautiful flowers, and other personalized elements that reflect your love story.

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How It Unfolds

The process begins with a consultation where we understand your preferences and dietary requirements. We then pair you with an exceptional private chef who crafts a three-course fine dining menu just for you.

On the day of your proposal, our team arrives at your chosen location to set up the romantic scene. A private table for two is arranged, adorned with candles, flowers, and a “MARRY ME” sign, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and romance.

As you arrive, your private chef gets to work in the kitchen, preparing your bespoke meal. Once your first-course finishes and the moment arrives, it’s time for you to pop the question. Your meal continues after. Each course is served with an explanation of the inspiration and ingredients used, adding a touch of culinary storytelling to your dining experience.

After the celebrations, your chef takes care of the cleanup, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your special evening. The Private Chef Proposal Experience is a seamless blend of fine dining, romance, and personal touches, ensuring an unforgettable moment for you and your loved one.

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What you get

  • An expert private chef to prepare a three-course fine dining meal
  • A bottle of premium French champagne
  • A dedicated proposal planner to orchestrate every detail
  • A romantically styled table for two
  • Personalized elements including a “MARRY ME” sign, candles, and flowers
  • Comprehensive post-celebration cleanup
  • Tailored catering for all dietary requirements
  • Optional special drinks packages upon request

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private chef home

Feel at home

No need to step out of your comfort zone for this dining experience. We can set up the perfect proposal right in your kitchen, serving the meal in your dining room or even your living room for a cozy touch. Just ensure your beloved is there!

private chef in the venue

Choose your own venue

From holiday homes and parks to stores, restaurants, zoos, or boats, if you’ve already envisioned a location for your proposal, we’re on board. Simply inform us, and we will be ready to enhance your culinary journey at your chosen venue!

venue search

We Can Scout a Location For You

If you’re out of ideas or too busy to plan, leave it to us! Share your requirements, budget, and theme, and our event planning experts will secure the ideal venue for your proposal dining experience. Your extraordinary proposal is just a call away!

We provide it all, you just bring:

  • Your preferred beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic
  • A camera or smartphone to capture special moments
  • An appetite for fine dining
  • The all-important proposal ring…
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frequently asked questions

What scene will be set up for my proposal? Picture a peaceful, outdoor proposal with a scenic view. The area could be decorated with flowers and bulbs, featuring a table adorned with candles and lamps for a romantic touch. If you desire a personal touch, include elements reflecting your relationship, like your partner’s favorite flowers or a significant location from your past.

What kind of menu will be served during my proposal meal? While the specific dishes remain a surprise, adding to the excitement of the event, you have the opportunity to choose your preferred main ingredients. This allows the chef to craft a personalized and unforgettable dining experience.

How is the chef for my proposal meal selected? A skilled chef will be paired with you based on your food preferences and dietary needs. This ensures that the cuisine served aligns with your tastes and any dietary restrictions, making the event more personalized and enjoyable.

How far in advance should I plan for my proposal? It’s recommended to book at least a few weeks to a month in advance of your proposal. This allows sufficient time for venue sourcing, scene planning, menu planning, sourcing ingredients, and coordinating any specific details related to the proposal.

How much does it cost to get a private chef proposal experience? The cost of a private chef proposal experience starts from $2,900. This package includes a three-course fine dining meal prepared by a private chef, a bottle of French champagne, and the services of a dedicated proposal planner to help ensure the moment is perfect and memorable.

Can the private chef prepare a meal that recreates our first date or another special memory? Absolutely! Private chefs excel at personalizing menus and can often recreate a special meal from your past. Just provide them with as many details as possible about the meal and they’ll do their best to bring your memory to life.

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Beyond Just a Meal: Experience more than exquisite cuisine with CHEFIN. Every dish is a step into a story, creating moments that become memories. It’s not just about the food; it’s about enriching lives through culinary excellence.

Trusted Expertise: CHEFIN Private Chefs™️ are the heart of your dining experience, selected through a meticulous process for their passion and creativity. They’re not just professionals; they’re culinary magicians dedicated to perfection.

Uncompromised Safety: Your safety is our top priority at CHEFIN. We ensure food safety as a core principle, secure your payments in a trust until the event’s completion, and protect everyone involved with $20 million in public liability insurance for a completely secure dining experience.

Your Event, Stress-Free: From planning to execution, CHEFIN Concierges ensures your event unfolds seamlessly. Enjoy the celebration without the hassle, knowing every detail is crafted to your satisfaction with our 24/7 dedicated support.

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