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Meet Chef Rodrigo, a visionary in modern gastronomy, whose culinary journey transcends borders. With a focus on high-quality produce, he crafts dishes that embody the essence of contemporary dining, elevating Australian cuisine to new heights.

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  • Location: Australia, Gold Coast, Queensland
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  • Member since: Dec-2023
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Rodrigo’s culinary expertise is a blend of experience garnered from various Australian restaurants, where he honed his skills in creating innovative and memorable dishes. His approach revolves around showcasing the best of Australian, Asian, and Mediterranean flavors, utilizing locally sourced ingredients to bring out the essence of each dish. Rodrigo’s kitchen is a place of constant exploration and creativity, where he seamlessly combines tradition with avant-garde techniques to craft dishes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also tell stories of identity and connection.


One of Rodrigo's proudest creations reflects his commitment to showcasing local produce and celebrating the richness of the region. Imagine a wood-fired, medium-rare rump sourced locally, paired with slowly braised cabbage, red wine confit eschallot, vibrant Waringal greens, and a touch of wild mushroom dust. This dish not only pays homage to the bounty of the Gold Coast but also embodies the spirit of community and the unique flavors that define the area. It's a culinary masterpiece that speaks to the heart of Australian cuisine and Rodrigo's passion for promoting regional ingredients.


  • Asian Fusion
  • Mediterranean
  • Modern Australian