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Meet Chef Olivia Nono, a French culinary maestro now based in Brisbane, Australia. With a global journey spanning Madrid, Copenhagen, New Zealand, Vietnam, and beyond, she brings a rich tapestry of flavors and influences to her cuisine.

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  • Location: Australia, Noosa, Queensland
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Olivia’s culinary odyssey is marked by a relentless pursuit of learning and creativity. From her humble beginnings in France to her globe-trotting adventures, she has shaped her culinary identity with a blend of generosity, locality, and seasonality. Her cooking is a form of “edible writing,” characterized by thoughtfulness, respect, and care, all infused with an artistic touch. For Olivia, the kitchen is a sanctuary where she expresses her creativity and finds fulfillment in the emotional connections her cuisine fosters.


Among Olivia's standout creations is the "Leek à la Passionfruit." Conceived on the fly during her time at a resort, this vegetarian fine dining dish emerged from necessity and ingenuity. Inspired by the classic French "Leek à la Vinaigrette," Olivia added a twist by infusing the vinaigrette with the tangy acidity of passionfruit. The result? A harmonious marriage of flavors that has since become a culinary masterpiece in her repertoire.


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