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Chef Michael Turkic, a culinary expert with a passion for diverse cuisines, brings his skills to Sydney. With a rich heritage and extensive training, he offers exceptional private chef services that showcase Mediterranean, Indian, and Vietnamese flavours.

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  • Location: Australia, Sydney, New South Wales
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Chef Michael Turkic’s culinary journey began at the age of six, inspired by his Croatian grandparents who cultivated and cooked their own food in Western Australia. This early exposure ignited his passion for food, leading him to formally train in 2019, specialising in Asian cuisine along with his cherished Mediterranean roots. Graduating from TAFE North Ryde College in 2021, Michael honed his skills working with renowned chef Luke Nguyen at Red Lantern in Sydney. As a private chef in Sydney, Michael excels in creating unforgettable dining experiences, drawing from his diverse culinary background to delight his clients with Cuisine Mediterranean, Cuisine Indian, and Cuisine Vietnamese.


One of Chef Michael Turkic's standout dishes is Vietnamese Pho, a recipe taught to him by his partner's grandmother, a celebrated chef on Vietnamese TV until 1982. This dish, rich in tradition and flavour, showcases Michael's dedication to preserving and perfecting authentic recipes. His Vietnamese Pho, alongside his innovative Mediterranean and Indian creations, highlights his ability to blend tradition with modern culinary techniques, offering a unique and memorable dining experience as a personal chef in Sydney.


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