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With a passion ignited during his formative years and nurtured by familial inspiration, Chef Lucas Yshida embarked on his culinary journey. He found his calling at the tender age of 16 and has since dedicated himself to crafting remarkable dining experiences through Japanese cuisine in Sydney.

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Lucas’ culinary pursuit began in his youth, witnessing his father’s mastery in the kitchen. Determined and inspired, he delved into the professional culinary world straight out of high school, discovering the profound satisfaction of creating delightful moments beyond just a plate of food.
His ethos transcends merely serving meals; Lucas believes in offering an immersive culinary experience. For him, the highest form of satisfaction is delivering context, divulging the process, history, and intricacies of ingredients to his patrons. His greatest inspiration lies in transforming raw ingredients into an unforgettable journey of sensations and cherished moments.


Lucas' culinary passion intertwines with his admiration for gastronomic fusion from diverse cultural influences. One creation that encapsulates his pride and embodies a beautiful blend of cultures is the "Tuna Zuke Nikkei." This exquisite dish is a testament to the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese culinary traditions. Lucas's creative innovation revolves around the Tuna Zuke, a process involving a swift boil followed by marination in a blend of Sake and shoyu sauce, creating a delicately sealed, flavor-infused layer within the tuna. Accompanying this masterpiece is the vibrant Aji Amarillo, a classic Peruvian emulsion of confit yellow peppers. The harmonious marriage of these elements, complemented by a finishing touch of salt flour and coriander sprouts, creates a sensory symphony that Lucas has been proudly presenting for three years—an enduring success that continues to captivate discerning palates. Chef Lucas Yshida's culinary finesse weaves together cultural influences and innovative techniques, promising Sydney a unique Japanese culinary journey, where every dish narrates a story of vibrant cultural amalgamation.


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