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Meet Chef Krizia San Blas, a culinary maestro with 7 years of expertise in Modern Australian, Mediterranean, and South East Asian cuisines. Based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Chef Krizia is on a mission to elevate culinary experiences through her innovative approach to cooking.

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  • Location: Australia, Darwin, Northern Territorry
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Chef Krizia’s culinary journey began as a quest for personal fulfillment during a quarter-life crisis. Dissatisfied with her career path, she embarked on a soul-searching journey that led her back to her first love: cooking. With a diverse background spanning ala carte dining, private functions, and large-volume catering, Chef Krizia’s expertise is as versatile as her culinary repertoire. From mastering the art of Mediterranean flavors to infusing Modern Australian cuisine with South East Asian influences, Chef Krizia’s culinary creations are a testament to her passion for innovation and excellence. As a personal chef in Darwin, she aims to share her culinary prowess with others, empowering budding entrepreneurs to embark on their own culinary ventures.


Chef Krizia's favorite dish is the classic Beef Bourguignon. With its comforting warmth and heartiness, this dish holds a special place in her culinary repertoire. The rich, flavorful sauce paired with tender beef, served alongside rice or mashed potatoes, creates a harmonious culinary experience that not only satisfies the palate but also warms the soul. Each bite is a celebration of comfort and indulgence, embodying Chef Krizia's commitment to creating memorable dining experiences.


  • Mediterranean
  • Modern Australian