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Meet Chef Katie Ridgway, a culinary enthusiast with a decade of restaurant experience in Sydney. Transitioning from acclaimed establishments like Chin Chin Sydney and Fred’s, Chef Katie now brings her expertise to the realm of private chef services in Sydney, where she shares her love for food with her clients.

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  • Location: Australia, Sydney, New South Wales
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  • Recommendation score: 90
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  • Member since: Nov-2023
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Chef Katie’s culinary journey began with a passion for food nurtured by her mother’s cooking and her early career in food writing. After completing culinary school at William Blue, she embarked on a stellar career in Sydney’s restaurant scene, working at renowned venues such as 10 William St. Now, as a private chef, Chef Katie thrives on the opportunity to connect with clients personally, sharing her creativity and love for beautiful, seasonal produce with each dish she prepares.


When asked about her favorite dish, Chef Katie finds it challenging to choose just one among her many culinary passions. However, she holds a special fondness for a whole roasted John Dory, expertly filleted tableside and served with a delectable finger lime, tarragon, and chive beurre blanc. Inspired by her time at Fred's, Chef Katie embraces the ethos of seasonality and simplicity, believing it to be the cornerstone of exceptional gastronomy.


  • Asian Fusion
  • Italian