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Meet Chef Jimmy Calligeros, a seasoned culinary artist bringing together the flavours of Greece, Tuscany, and Modern Australian cuisine as a Personal Chef Location Newcastle Australia. With a rich heritage and passion for food, he delights clients with unforgettable dining experiences.

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Chef Jimmy Calligeros has dedicated 15 years to mastering the culinary arts. Born into a Greek family with a strong tradition of togetherness through food, Jimmy’s journey began in his parents’ restaurant in Greece. His early experiences in the kitchen, coupled with formal training started in 2003, laid the foundation for his expertise in Cuisine Greek, Cuisine Modern Australian, and Cuisine Tuscan.

Jimmy’s career has seen him rise through the ranks to become the head chef at The Duke of Wellington Hotel in New Lambton, where he has served for five years, including 15 months as head chef. His approach to cooking is deeply personal, drawing inspiration from his heritage and the seasonal bounty of local produce. Known for his innovative yet heartful cooking style, Chef Jimmy seamlessly blends traditional and modern techniques to create dishes that resonate with his diners.

Now a Private Chef Location Newcastle Australia, Jimmy brings his unique culinary perspective into the homes of his clients. His passion for creating memorable dining experiences is evident in every dish he prepares, whether it’s an intimate dinner or a grand celebration. As a Personal Chef, his mission is to craft personalized menus that reflect his clients’ tastes and preferences, ensuring every meal is a delightful experience.


Chef Jimmy Calligeros's favourite dishes showcase his love for Cuisine Greek, Cuisine Modern Australian, and Cuisine Tuscan. Each dish is a reflection of his culinary journey and passion for fresh, vibrant ingredients. One of his signature dishes is the Crispy Skin Salmon with Pork and Chive Dumplings, served in a shallot and ginger broth with glass noodles. This dish perfectly illustrates his expertise in Cuisine Modern Australian, combining delicate seafood with the bold flavours of ginger and shallots. Another beloved dish is the traditional Greek Lamb Souvlaki, a nod to his heritage. Served with extra tzatziki, this dish brings together tender, marinated lamb and the fresh, tangy flavours of Greek cuisine. It’s a favourite among his clients and a testament to his skill in Cuisine Greek. Lastly, Chef Jimmy enjoys preparing Tuscan-inspired dishes, such as a rustic Porchetta with rosemary and garlic. This dish highlights his ability to bring the hearty, robust flavours of Cuisine Tuscan to life, creating a dining experience that transports his clients to the rolling hills of Italy. As a Private Chef Location Newcastle Australia, Chef Jimmy Calligeros continues to delight and inspire with his culinary creations, making every meal a celebration of flavours and traditions.


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