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Meet Chef Iara Bellan Arruda, whose culinary journey is shaped by her Brazilian heritage and a deep-rooted passion for food. From her upbringing on a farm in Brazil to her corporate career in Sydney, New South Wales, Chef Iara’s love for cooking has always been at the heart of her life.

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Chef Iara’s culinary adventure began in her family’s kitchen, where she learned the art of cooking from her parents and grandparents. After years in the corporate world, she followed her lifelong dream of becoming a chef, embracing the principles of artisanal and slow food. Her focus on respecting ingredients and minimizing waste reflects her commitment to sustainability and community values. Today, as a private chef in Sydney, New South Wales, Chef Iara delights in creating memorable dining experiences that celebrate the warmth and joy of shared meals.


One of Chef Iara's favorite dishes is her Knife-cut Pappardelle with delicate lamb ragu. This exquisite dish features homemade pappardelle pasta served with a flavorful lamb ragu, slow-cooked for four hours with fresh herbs, tomatoes, and sangiovese wine. Finished with a touch of orange zest and Pecorino cheese, this dish encapsulates Chef Iara's passion for artisanal cooking and delivers a truly unforgettable culinary experience.


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