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Meet Chef Hyeoksin Kwon, a culinary maestro with fine dining experience in Sydney. Having trained alongside hatted and Michelin-trained chefs, Chef Hyeoksin is now ready to bring his unique menu directly to diners, offering a culinary journey like no other.

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  • Location: Austraila, Sydney, New South Wales
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Chef Hyeoksin’s culinary journey began in the heart of Sydney’s vibrant dining scene, where he spent eight years honing his craft in fine dining kitchens. Under the mentorship of esteemed chefs, he mastered the art of blending Asian Fusion, Modern Australian, and Vegetarian cuisines to create innovative and tantalizing dishes. Now, Chef Hyeoksin is on a mission to delight diners with his culinary creations, driven by his passion for making people happy through food and impeccable service.


One of Chef Hyeoksin's signature dishes is the Short Rib with Galbi Sauce, served alongside Umami Rice and Soy Pickled Perilla Leaf. This culinary masterpiece features tender short rib, slow-cooked for 12 hours and infused with the rich flavors of Galbi marinade. Paired with fragrant umami rice and tangy soy-pickled perilla leaf, every bite is a symphony of flavors that showcases Chef Hyeoksin's culinary expertise and dedication to creating unforgettable dining experiences.


  • Asian Fusion
  • Modern Australian
  • Vegetarian