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Welcome to the culinary world of Chef Graeme Corlett, a masterful artist in the realm of Kiwi cuisine, serving as a dedicated Private Chef in the vibrant locale of Lilyfield, Sydney. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Chef Graeme brings over a decade of culinary expertise to the table, infusing every dish with his unique flair and passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences.

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  • Location: Australia, New South Wales, Sydney, Lilyfield
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Drawing upon more than 10 years of culinary mastery, Chef Graeme Corlett has honed his skills in a diverse array of prestigious kitchens, from the hallowed halls of French Michelin Guide establishments to the refined ambiance of New Zealand fine dining venues. With accolades from AA Rosette kitchens and experience in Parisian brasseries, modern gastro pubs, cozy cafes, and dynamic catering environments, Chef Graeme’s culinary journey is as varied as it is illustrious. It was amidst the bustling streets of Paris, France, that Chef Graeme’s culinary odyssey began unexpectedly during a working holiday. What was intended as a brief six-month sojourn turned into a transformative three-year immersion in the art of French gastronomy. Since then, Chef Graeme has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the culinary craft, blending the rich tapestry of Kiwi flavors with global influences to create dishes that are as innovative as they are delicious. Renowned for his high performance, creativity, consistency, and unwavering passion, Chef Graeme is a culinary virtuoso who thrives in diverse kitchen environments. From 5-star hotels to quaint cafes, his culinary repertoire knows no bounds, reflecting his tireless pursuit of culinary excellence.



Chef Graeme's culinary prowess shines brightly in his inventive Korean/Japanese French fusion creations, where he skillfully melds diverse flavors to tantalize the taste buds. Among his favorite creations is the gochujang, sichaun, red wine, and fennel seed-braised beef brisket burger, elevated with a luxurious bearnaise sauce. With an intuitive understanding of flavor pairings and a penchant for experimentation, Chef Graeme crafts dishes that are as visually stunning as they are palate-pleasing. Whether infusing traditional Kiwi fare with international flair or embarking on culinary adventures in uncharted territories, Chef Graeme's passion for cooking knows no bounds. Each dish he creates is a testament to his creativity, skill, and dedication to the culinary arts, leaving diners with unforgettable culinary memories that linger long after the last bite.


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