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Meet Chef Glen Robberts, a culinary maestro with over 16 years of experience in the industry. From his formative years at South Africa’s esteemed Le Quartier Francais to his recent ventures as a Private Chef and Consultant in Australia and beyond, Glen’s culinary journey is a testament to his passion for excellence.

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  • Location: Australia, Melbourne, Victoria
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Glen’s culinary odyssey began in 2007 when he embarked on a journey of culinary exploration under the tutelage of the renowned team at Le Quartier Francais, Africa’s top-ranked restaurant at the time. Since then, Glen has carved a distinguished career path, gracing the kitchens of award-winning restaurants and lodges across South Africa and New Zealand. His culinary prowess has been honed through collaborations with acclaimed chefs, each experience enriching his repertoire with Michelin-worthy techniques and flavors. Now based in Melbourne, Glen continues to push the boundaries of culinary innovation as a Private Chef and Consultant, delighting palates both locally and internationally.


Among Glen's repertoire of culinary delights, one dish holds a special place in his heart: the Wild Mushroom & Truffle Risotto with Smoked Macadamias. Inspired by his foraging adventures during mushroom season, Glen sources the freshest wild mushrooms and truffles from Red Hill, infusing the risotto with a symphony of earthy flavors. The addition of smoked macadamias adds a delightful twist, elevating this dish to a gastronomic masterpiece that embodies Glen's culinary ethos of creativity and excellence.


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