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Meet Chef Gianluigi, a talented Italian chef now based in Sydney. With roots in the northern regions of Italy, Gianluigi brings a wealth of culinary expertise and passion for organic ingredients to the Australian food scene.

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Gianluigi’s culinary journey began in the picturesque vineyard-laden villages of northern Italy. After completing his hospitality studies, he embarked on a professional adventure, honing his skills in Michelin-starred restaurants across Piedmont, Liguria, and Tuscany. With a focus on saltwater fish and a dedication to organic ingredients, Gianluigi’s culinary philosophy centers on crafting exquisite dishes that evoke deep emotions and delight the senses. Now based in Sydney, he endeavors to share his culinary creativity as a private chef, offering personalized dining experiences for special occasions and everyday gatherings alike. Renowned for his strong work ethic and commitment to quality, Gianluigi is dedicated to building lasting relationships with his clients, delivering exceptional service with every meal.


One dish close to Gianluigi's heart is tagliatelle with ragu, a seemingly simple yet intricately crafted Italian classic. From the sautéed blend of celery, carrots, and onions to the perfectly chosen minced meat, Gianluigi's attention to detail shines through in every element of this dish. With the addition of tomato sauce and a medley of fresh herbs, paired with handmade pasta crafted from whole eggs and extra virgin olive oil, each bite of this dish is a testament to Gianluigi's culinary expertise and passion for quality ingredients.


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