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Meet Chef Gabriel Rocha Tiete da Silva, a seasoned culinary artist blending the vibrant flavours of Cuisine Italian, Cuisine Brazilian, and Cuisine Modern Australian as a Personal Chef Location Hobart, Australia. With nearly seven years in Australia, Chef Gabriel is ready to transform your dining experience.

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Chef Gabriel Rocha Tiete da Silva’s culinary journey began at the tender age of 13. Born in Brazil, Gabriel’s passion for cooking was sparked by necessity, crafting meals from his mother’s recipes. At 34, with extensive experience in renowned restaurants and hotels, Chef Gabriel has honed his skills in Cuisine Italian, Cuisine Brazilian, and Cuisine Modern Australian.

Living in Australia for almost seven years, Chef Gabriel has seamlessly integrated his Brazilian heritage with local Australian produce. As a Private Chef Location Hobart, Australia, he is dedicated to delivering exceptional culinary experiences in the comfort of your home. His cooking philosophy revolves around fresh, local ingredients and a meticulous approach to flavour, ensuring every dish he creates is a culinary delight.

Chef Gabriel’s expertise spans various cuisines, from BBQ and Greek to Spanish, Portuguese, and Mexican. However, his passion lies in Cuisine Italian, Cuisine Brazilian, and Cuisine Modern Australian. His unique blend of these cuisines brings a fresh and exciting dining experience to his clients in Hobart. As a Personal Chef, his mission is to craft personalised menus that reflect his clients’ tastes and dietary preferences, making every meal a memorable occasion.


Chef Gabriel Rocha Tiete da Silva’s favourite dishes are a testament to his culinary heritage and innovative spirit. His passion for Cuisine Italian, Cuisine Brazilian, and Cuisine Modern Australian shines through in each creation. One of his standout dishes is the traditional Brazilian barbecue, prepared with the simplicity of rock salt and olive oil. Whether using a charcoal or gas grill, Chef Gabriel brings out the best flavours in the meat, showcasing his mastery of Cuisine Brazilian. This dish embodies his belief in the power of simple, high-quality ingredients. Another favourite is his Italian-inspired handmade pasta, paired with locally sourced seafood. This dish highlights his expertise in Cuisine Italian, blending traditional techniques with the fresh, vibrant produce of Hobart. The result is a delightful fusion that captures the essence of Italian cuisine. In the realm of Cuisine Modern Australian, Chef Gabriel excels in creating innovative dishes that celebrate local ingredients. One such dish is his seared Tasmanian salmon with a zesty lemon myrtle dressing, served with seasonal vegetables. This dish perfectly illustrates his ability to combine modern techniques with Australian flavours, offering a unique culinary experience as a Private Chef Location Hobart, Australia. As a Personal Chef, Chef Gabriel Rocha Tiete da Silva continues to inspire and delight his clients with his diverse culinary repertoire. His commitment to excellence and passion for flavour make every dining experience an extraordinary journey.


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