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Bonjour! Meet Chef Flo Carly, a French culinary maestro with a zest for creating extraordinary dining experiences. Now settled in the beautiful landscapes of Australia’s Gold Coast and Brisbane, Chef Flo brings a touch of French finesse to every plate he crafts.

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For Chef Flo Carly, cooking isn’t just a profession; it’s a lifelong passion rooted in her French heritage and nurtured by her experiences down under. With 19 years spent in the vibrant culinary scene of Australia, Chef Flo’s journey from a family of food enthusiasts to a renowned chef is nothing short of inspiring.
Born into a family where food was the centrepiece of every gathering, Chef Flo’s love affair with cooking began at an early age. However, it was upon arriving in Australia that she truly found her calling. Surrounded by a melting pot of flavours and cultures, Chef Flo discovered the joy of mixing and experimenting with different tastes while perfecting the simplicity of traditional French cuisine.
Inspired by her grandparents, who epitomized the essence of home-cooked meals, Chef Flo cherishes the memories of her maternal grandfather’s culinary expertise and her grandmother’s homemade jams. Their dedication to crafting food from scratch instilled in him a deep appreciation for authenticity and tradition, values that continue to influence her cooking philosophy today.
As a Personal Chef, Chef Flo specializes in curating bespoke dining experiences that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression. Whether she’s crafting gourmet delights for intimate gatherings or catering to exclusive events, Chef Flo’s culinary creations reflect her commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence.


When it comes to Chef Flo's favorite dishes, one stands out above the rest—Oeufs Meurette. This classic French recipe hails from the Bourgogne region and features poached eggs bathed in a rich reduction of red wine. While traditionally prepared with butter and flour, Chef Flo puts a contemporary twist on this beloved dish by offering a lighter, gluten-free version with a luscious carrot puree. With each bite, diners are transported to the heart of France, savoring the timeless flavors of Chef Flo's culinary heritage.


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