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Chef Filippo Orsini, a culinary maestro based in Byron Bay, brings forth a decade of culinary artistry inspired by his Italian heritage and a passion for preserving culinary traditions.

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Filippo, an Italian native, has been immersed in the culinary world for a decade, shaping his culinary artistry amidst the serene landscapes of the Northern Rivers in New South Wales. His journey began under the tutelage of his beloved Nonna Tina, a legendary chef whose mastery in the kitchen sparked Filippo’s fervor for gastronomy. Drawing profound inspiration from his Nonna’s teachings, especially her adeptness in transforming hunted game into splendid feasts, Filippo imbibed the ethos of minimal waste, recognizing the sacredness of food.

A devoted fisherman and hunter, Filippo’s passion for sourcing ingredients from the natural world underscores his commitment to utilizing every element in kitchen preparations. His enthusiasm for the meticulous preparation process, ensuring every detail is meticulously arranged to craft an exceptional dining experience, resonates profoundly in his culinary journey. Filippo finds immense joy in narrating the tales behind each dish, delighting in the radiant smiles of patrons as they savor his creations.


Chef Filippo revels in the realm of Mediterranean cuisine, with a particular fondness for one of his culinary masterpieces, the "Tuna Agli Agrumi". A delightful seafood entree, this dish is a testament to freshness and innovation. Sliced tuna, akin to sashimi in quality, is skillfully paired with vibrant citrus segments of blood orange and grapefruit, harmoniously complemented by whipped ricotta, discs of radish, and hibiscus leaves. It's a tantalizing fusion of flavors that exemplifies Filippo's passion for crafting exceptional culinary experiences rooted in the bounty of the Mediterranean.


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