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Passionate Executive & Personal Chef in Brisbane, boasting 20 years of culinary expertise worldwide. Crafting delectable dishes from diverse cuisines, blending Asian fusion with Italian and French influences.

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  • Location: Australia, Brisbane
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Blake Van Houten boasts a rich 20-year tenure in the culinary realm, marked by an extensive journey across international gastronomy hubs like Vancouver, Edinburgh, London, and his cherished home base of Brisbane. His expertise spans the spectrum of culinary artistry, embracing fine dining, catering, and corporate culinary experiences. Blake embarked on his culinary expedition straight out of school, diving headfirst into diverse apprenticeships across several restaurants, fostering a deep-rooted appreciation for varied cuisines.
The allure of Asian fusion cuisine holds a special place in Blake’s heart, representing his utmost gastronomic affinity. As a seasoned professional in the industry, Blake has traversed all facets of catering, navigating the culinary landscape from humble pubs to the heights of fine dining establishments. His global escapades have not only enriched his culinary repertoire but have also shaped his fervent dedication to crafting exceptional meals using only the freshest ingredients.
For Blake, the culinary realm encapsulates his passion—an avenue to create and share gastronomic wonders with those who hold a profound respect for the craft. His formative apprenticeship, conducted through Southbank Take, laid the groundwork for his illustrious culinary journey. In the kitchen, luminaries like Luke Nguyen and Rick Stein stand as guiding inspirations, igniting Blake’s relentless pursuit of culinary excellence.
A cooking ethos anchored in freshness, Blake’s secret lies in harnessing the fullest potential of the freshest ingredients, allowing their innate flavors to shine through every dish crafted with meticulous care.


Among the wide array of culinary wonders, Blake's heart resonates most deeply with the vibrant and harmonious delights of Asian fusion cuisine. From the intricate flavors of Asian spices to the comforting allure of Italian classics and the refined elegance of French gastronomy, these cuisines evoke his deepest culinary passions.


  • Asian Fusion
  • Continental European
  • Italian