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Introducing Chef Axel Leroux, a seasoned French culinary artist with over 15 years of experience. From the hallowed halls of Michelin-starred restaurants in France to traversing the globe in search of culinary enlightenment, Axel’s journey is a testament to his passion for food.

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Axel’s culinary voyage began in the heart of France, where he honed his craft in renowned Michelin establishments and traditional French eateries. His quest for culinary mastery led him on a global odyssey, immersing himself in diverse cuisines until he discovered the cuisine that resonated with his soul. For Axel, cooking is not just a profession but a deeply personal journey of self-expression and storytelling. It’s about infusing every dish with emotion and creating unforgettable experiences that transcend mere sustenance.


For Axel, nothing compares to the soul-stirring experience of cooking and sharing his beloved French cuisine. With its rich identity and heritage, French food holds a special place in his heart. Each dish becomes a vessel for Axel to express his essence and connect with others, evoking feelings of belonging and pride. When he prepares French cuisine, Axel feels truly at home, basking in the joy of sharing a piece of himself with those he serves.


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