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A Journey in Flavours. Embarking on a culinary journey that began in his family’s kitchen, Chef Aman Mattoo discovered his love for crafting exceptional dishes at a tender age. With food deeply ingrained in his family’s DNA, Chef Aman’s connection with the kitchen has only grown stronger over the years, nurtured by his curiosity and a burning desire to bring culinary excellence to discerning palates.

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  • Location: Australia, Adelaide, South Australia
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Expertise Perfected. Drawing upon a remarkable career spanning 17 years, Chef Aman Mattoo has honed his craft in the dynamic landscapes of 5-star hotels and resorts in Dubai, UAE. His culinary journey is a testament to his dedication to creating exceptional dining experiences, rooted in both tradition and innovation.
Chef Aman’s journey began with humble beginnings, and his early connection with food led him to explore the captivating world of culinary arts. With each step of his professional journey, Chef Aman’s skills flourished, driven by his determination to master the art of halal fine dining.
From mastering the intricacies of traditional techniques to embracing cutting-edge culinary trends, Chef Aman’s versatility is a hallmark of his expertise. His culinary creations are a harmonious blend of flavours, textures, and presentation, embodying his commitment to delivering unforgettable dining moments.
In addition to his own culinary prowess, Chef Aman has collaborated with industry veteran Trevor Fernandes, a seasoned professional boasting 20 years of experience in hotel management, hospitality, and Executive Chef roles in both the USA and UAE. Together, they form a dynamic duo dedicated to pushing the boundaries of taste and presentation.
At the heart of Chef Aman’s culinary philosophy is the understanding that every dish is an opportunity to tell a story, capture an emotion, and create a lasting memory. His dedication to his craft is exemplified by his ability to curate exceptional culinary experiences that resonate with diverse palates.
From his innovative foie gras terrine to his flawlessly grilled lobster, Chef Aman’s creations are a reflection of his ceaseless quest for perfection. With Adelaide as his canvas and halal fine dining as his medium, Chef Aman Mattoo continues to inspire, tantalize, and elevate the culinary scene, one remarkable dish at a time.


Culinary Artistry Defined! Chef Aman Mattoo's culinary passion knows no bounds, a sentiment reflected in his ever-evolving favourite dishes. From the delicately orchestrated foie gras terrine to the succulent notes of a perfectly grilled lobster, Chef Aman's palate is a canvas of flavours that reflect his dedication to halal fine dining.


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