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Meet Chef Alix Ambert, a French culinary talent ready to make her mark in Australia. With 7 years of diverse experience in Michelin-starred restaurants, Swiss palaces, and traditional French eateries, Chef Alix is set to bring her expertise to the private chef industry in Sydney.

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  • Location: Australia, Sydney, New South Wales
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Chef Alix’s culinary journey has taken her through the esteemed kitchens of France and Switzerland, where she honed her skills in both savory and pastry arts. Despite facing challenges due to the competitive nature of the industry and societal barriers, Chef Alix remains passionate about her craft and thrives on exceeding client expectations. Her love for cooking stems from her father’s influence and a desire for continual growth and learning in the culinary realm.


Among Chef Alix's repertoire, one dish holds a special place in her heart: Scallops and Squash. This culinary masterpiece features grilled scallops adorned with colonnata bacon atop a velvety squash puree, drizzled with a citrus reduction and garnished with dill, pine nuts, and pecan crumble. Inspired by a challenge from her chef, Chef Alix created this dish within a tight deadline, impressing both her team and her girlfriend's parents, who unexpectedly visited the restaurant. The success of this dish not only validated Chef Alix's culinary abilities but also unleashed her creativity and passion for delivering exceptional dining experiences.


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