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Introducing Chef Abrar Shaikh, a culinary virtuoso with a passion for creating exquisite dining experiences as a private chef in Sydney, New South Wales. Chef Abrar’s love for food, coupled with his dedication to culinary excellence, defines his culinary journey.

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  • Location: Australia, Sydney, New South Wales
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Chef Abrar’s culinary journey is fueled by his unwavering passion for food and his quest for happiness through cooking. With a background steeped in Australian Modern cuisine, French fusion, and Italian flavors, Chef Abrar brings a unique blend of culinary influences to the table. His love for exploring diverse ingredients, innovative cooking techniques, and cultural inspirations drives him to create memorable dishes that captivate the senses. From mastering the art of delicate French pastries to infusing bold Italian flavors into modern Australian cuisine, Chef Abrar’s culinary repertoire is as diverse as it is delightful. As a personal chef in Sydney, he takes pride in curating bespoke menus tailored to his clients’ preferences, ensuring every meal is a culinary masterpiece crafted with passion and precision.


Chef Abrar's favorite culinary creations revolve around the timeless allure of pasta and sauces. With their versatility and endless flavor possibilities, pasta dishes hold a special place in his heart. From comforting classics like spaghetti bolognese to innovative creations featuring handmade gnocchi and rich, aromatic sauces, Chef Abrar's pasta dishes showcase his mastery of Italian cuisine. Each dish is a celebration of flavors, textures, and culinary craftsmanship, reflecting Chef Abrar's profound love for food and his commitment to delivering unparalleled dining experiences.


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