Who to Call When You Need a Last Minute Venue

Struggling with the last minute venue? call us on +61 477 666 351

Are you planning an event at the last minute and can’t find a venue? Event spaces are fast to be taken up and booked out, and some can be reserved months in advance! So what do you do if you can’t find a venue? Ask us for help!

Stop wasting time looking for a venue and start focusing on other aspects of your event planning. We have access to a whole range of exclusive venues that we can help you book at the last minute for any and all kinds of events.

We find last-minute venues for any and all events!

From large corporate events and office parties to weddings, birthdays, meetups, or workshops, we have a range of different venues that are waiting to be snapped up at the last minute.

last minute venue

Whether your last venue has cancelled, double booked, or had an unforeseen circumstance, that doesn’t mean you should have to cancel your event! We know that things don’t always go to plan and that’s why we have exclusive access to last minute venues for any and all events.

  • We can help you find venues for:
  • Conferences,
  • Weddings,
  • Parties,
  • Dinners,
  • Meetings, and more.

Last minute venue hire in Sydney

Things can get frantic in the lead-up to an event, especially if you haven’t already secured a venue. If you’re looking for a venue in Sydney, we can help you find the perfect space for your event so you can focus on the other stuff.

We know Sydney inside out, and we know all of its venues. If you think you’ve exhausted all your options, think again. We have exclusive access to a range of different venues in Sydney that can be booked at the last minute for your event. Large or small, private or public, you just get in touch and we start the search.

Last minute event spaces in Sydney

Need to host an event at the last minute but don’t have enough time to search for a venue? Give us a call! We’re here to help when you’re pressed for time or when your chosen venue bails out at the last minute. Focus your mind on the more important aspects of planning an event, and let us take care of logistics like venue hire.

From workshop spaces to lecture halls, art galleries, conference rooms, or party venues, we can help secure an event space in Sydney for both corporate and private events. Don’t give up and assume there are no options left – give us a call and we’ll find the perfect space for your event!

Last minute meeting rooms in Sydney

Scheduled a meeting but can’t find an appropriate meeting space? Why not meet your clients in Sydney’s only boardroom bar, or on the sun-drenched rooftop of a chic inner city terrace house? We can help you find last minute meeting spaces anywhere and everywhere in Sydney.

Whether you’re after more corporate boardrooms and office spaces or are looking to entertain clients somewhere differently, we have access to a diverse range of meeting rooms that are suited for any and all purposes. Group meetings, private meetings, investor meetings, and more – get in touch and we’ll show you our exclusive range of venues and help you find the perfect spot.

Help, I need last minute catering, equipment hire, decorations…

We wouldn’t just book you a last minute venue and leave it there. We’re here to help with all aspects of last-minute event planning, including finding and booking a caterer, equipment hire, sound and DJs, decorations, and more.

Consider us your holistic event planning service that has a whole range of useful suppliers, companies, venues, and chefs up our sleeve. We’ll help you connect to all of these things – last minute – so you can focus on putting together the event that you want to host.

  • Here are just some of the other aspects of event planning that we can help you with:
  • Venue Hire,
  • Chefs Hire,
  • Waiters & Waitresses,
  • Bartenders,
  • Alcohol,
  • Furniture Hire,
  • Live Music,
  • Audiovisual Equipment Hire & Setup,
  • Interior/Party Decorating,
  • Cleanup.

We don’t just work last minute, either. We’re here to help organise your entire event in advance, or a few days beforehand. No event should have to be cancelled because the hosts didn’t have time to source an event space – we’re here to help make sure that any and all events do happen!

How to pull off a last minute event in Sydney

Don’t let the naysayers tell you all events have to be planned in advance. You can and will pull off the event of your dreams, even on a time crunch. We know the city inside out, we have access to all you need to pull off a successful event, and we’re here to help you last minute.

You haven’t run out of time to plan that event! Breathe a sigh of relief – we’re here to take care of everything. Get in touch with the CHEFIN team now and see how we can help you book a last minute venue for your event now.