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At CHEFIN, we transform celebration meals into masterpieces.

More Than a Meal: Our goal is to turn every special occasion into a memorable experience, enriching lives with unmatched culinary brilliance.

Expert Chefs: Our Private Chefs, selected for their passion and creativity, elevate your dining to an art form, ensuring unparalleled excellence.

Safety First: We prioritize your safety by strictly adhering to food safety protocols, chef screening, secure payments, and providing $20 million in public liability insurance for a worry-free experience.

Effortless Events: Our Concierges make planning simple, allowing you to fully enjoy your special occasion with our comprehensive 24/7 support.

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CHEFIN Private Chefs

Chef Michelle Van Sittert profile

Michelle Van Sittert

Sous Chef
  • Location: Australia, New South Wales, Bowral, Sydney
  • Recommendation score: 90
  • Member since: Jan-2024
chef Winston Zhang profile image

Winston Zhang

Executive Chef
  • Location: Australia, Melbourne
  • Recommendation score: 96
  • Member since: Oct-2016
Chef Marco Aglitti Profile

Marco Aglitti

Chef de Cuisine
  • Location: Australia, Western Australia, Eden Hill, Perth
  • Recommendation score: 90
  • Member since: Jan-2023

and 400+ Private Chefs in Australia


Over 2500 Special Occasions Across Australia Celebrated with CHEFIN

Your Top 6 Questions, Answered

  1. What kinds of celebrations does CHEFIN cater to?
    From intimate home dinners to grand corporate events, CHEFIN caters to all special occasions with personalized chef services.
  2. How do I book a private chef with CHEFIN?
    Book online, and after receiving your confirmation email, provide your dietary needs and preferences. Our algorithm matches you with the perfect chef who crafts a tailored menu for you.
  3. What will my event’s menu look like?
    Your private chef will design a unique menu based on your booking details. Love your menu or get your money back—our chefs aim to thrill your taste buds with exclusive creations.
  1. How do I find out about my assigned private chef?
    After booking, our system matches your preferences with available chefs. You’ll choose from a selection or be assigned an expert chef, depending on availability and timing.
  2. How does CHEFIN ensure food safety and quality?
    Our chefs are meticulously vetted, and we adhere to strict food safety protocols, ensuring a high-quality dining experience.
  3. Can CHEFIN accommodate dietary restrictions?
    Absolutely. Our chefs excel at customizing menus to meet any dietary needs, making sure everyone enjoys a delightful culinary experience.

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