Where do I buy my ingredients for a CHEFIN event?

As a CHEFIN chef, we expect that you serve only fresh, local, seasonal ingredients for your meals. Avoid cooking with low-quality ingredients or anything that is on its way to going bad. Remember, as a private chef, there is an expectation on you to deliver a high-quality meal with superior ingredients.

So where to source such fresh, local ingredients? Check out CHEFIN preferred supplier list. We have a great list of local farmers for fruit and veg that is in season. Great seafood & meat supply, all the dry goods you can dream for and plenty of equipment in our central commercial kitchen. CHEFIN talks directly with the farmer and has the best knowledge of the food used for events, where it came from, and how it is best to cook it. We visit food co-ops in the area, community gardens, small eco-friendly grocers, and delis. CHEFIN strictly prohibits sourcing low-quality food and ingredients!