What is Chef Audtion?

Briefly, Chef Audition is your introduction to CHEFIN to make sure you are able to run successful dining events for your future customers. We organise a trial meal with you for our loyal customers and partners, so they get a taste of your food while you get a taste of working with us.


  • You design a menu (2 canapes + 3 courses with 2 alternating entrees and mains that covers vegetarian options)
  • You place an order from our ingredient suppliers and prep in our commercial kitchen (we compensate you for the cost of ingredients)
  • You come and cook for 10 CHEFIN guests in a home venue
  • CHEFIN guests review food and offer feedback via a feedback form
  • Our professional videographer/photographer come to film your entire event. We also interview you for a beautiful 30-sec introduction video
  • You also get the opportunity to evaluate the event and give us feedback
  • You’re ready to start taking bookings!