Why You Need a Cooking Class With a Private Chef

Looking to upgrade your cooking skills? Put down the recipe book and learn the art of cooking from a private chef. Learning how to cook professionally is a lifelong skill that will continue to give and give to each mouth you feed. The gratification that comes with preparing a successful meal and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces is truly addictive! 

So why go for a private cooking lesson rather than a group class? There are so many benefits to taking a private cooking class, including:

  • Learning the art of menu creation so you can prepare your own recipes instead of relying on cookbooks, 
  • Knowing essential cooking techniques like knife skills, meal prepping, and efficient kitchen organisation, 
  • Opening yourself up to a whole new world of ingredients and learning how to combine them together masterfully, 
  • Having the entire lesson customised to you, your current skill sets, and what you’d like to focus on, 
  • Focusing on specific cuisines and dishes that you want to learn rather than generic lessons tailored to a wide audience, 
  • Learning how to shop efficiently and choose quality ingredients that make your meals stand out. 

Let’s look at all of these points in more detail so you know exactly how a private chef cooking lesson can help make you a better home chef. 

Learn the art of menu planning

They say that cooking is an art, and a private chef will bring out the artist in you. Artful cooking is all about planning innovative menus with dishes that seamlessly mesh together, from appetiser to dessert. So say goodbye to mish-mashing a bunch of different recipes for your dinner parties! Your private chef will teach you how to create a menu that’s nutritious and tasty, while also having its own completely unique character and flavour profile. 

You’ll learn how to plan a harmonious menu and how to make the flavours and ingredients of each course mesh well with all the other dishes on the menu. Your private chef will guide you into creating the kind of menu with a certain je ne sais quoi – you can’t put your finger on it, but it’s truly special. 

Upskill in the kitchen

Learn a few party tricks from your chef that will come super handy in the kitchen, like proper knife techniques and chopping skills. You can show off and impress your friends as you whiz around your kitchen prepping food quickly and with the flair of a chef who knows what they’re doing. Your private chef will also show you how to prepare your ingredients so that cooking is fast, easy, and stress-free – making you even better at socialising during those dinner parties. 

The kitchen techniques you’ll learn in a private cooking lesson will not only teach you how to cook a meal quickly and effectively, but also how to easily meal prep for the week ahead if that’s your thing. If you’re the kind of social butterfly who loves to host lots of guests, your chef can teach you how to easily prepare menus for large numbers. And you can even pick up a few kitchen organising skills to make you even more efficient in your home kitchen. 

Learn new ingredients

Interested in seeing what’s out there beyond the food and flavours you know and love? Let your personal chef introduce you to a whole new world of ingredients that’s out there. They’ll start off by learning about your specific palate and the kind of tastes you already like (and don’t like), and introduce you to a number of exciting new ingredients and spices that you can use in your future cooking. You’ll be taught how to prepare these new ingredients and how to add them to your meals, what tastes they match with, and maybe even a few recipes to get you started on your experimentation. Enjoy a new expanded taste palate and the art of discovering new things – you’ll be wanting more and more after this! There’s no end to exciting new flavours to try. 

Undivided attention & customised lessons

You could always take a group cooking class, but then there’ll be all the other students stealing all of the attention! A private cooking class means you have all eyes on you and undivided attention from your private chef. That means you can ask all of the questions you want, work at your own pace, and have your food personally reviewed to get honest feedback and guidance. Your private cooking lesson can be guided in the areas you’re struggling in, so if you’re already skilled at something you can skip that bit and focus on the areas you’d like to develop. You can always direct a private cooking lesson to go anywhere you want it to.  If you’d like the chef to slow down, repeat something, or head off on a tangent that interests you – they will. 

Focus on the cuisines you want

Want to learn Italian cooking, but don’t want a whole lesson devoted to pasta and pizza making? Want to hone your Chinese cooking skills but already know your way around making dumplings? A private cooking class can focus on any cuisine you like, and any part of that cuisine, too. It’s rare to find group cooking classes that focus on less popular dishes from any given cuisine, but with a private class you can ask your chef to teach you the dishes you want to learn from the regions you want to master. 

Learn how to shop like a chef

Find yourself forking out hundreds of dollars and spending hours at the shops when you’re throwing a dinner party? Let your chef teach you how to shop for a meal quickly and efficiently, while also saving money and learning how to pick quality ingredients. Your chef can teach you how to tell if a fruit/vegetable is ripe, and when is the best time to cook them. They’ll show you where to source the best produce in your area and the art of seasonal cooking. They can teach you how to know if seafood or poultry is safe to cook and eat, and how to store your produce so it stays fresh for as long as possible. This part may be less hands-on, but it’s full of valuable tips that will save you time, money, and effort for the rest of your life. 

Book your private cooking lesson now

Learn the lifelong art of cooking memorable meals. A private cooking lesson will not only benefit you, but put a smile on the face of everyone who gets to taste your cooking. And there’s no better feeling than that! Get in touch with our team to discuss your customised private cooking lesson now.