Where to Celebrate Your Birthday That’s Not a Pub (But Still Has Booze)

Looking for a birthday party venue that’s not the local pub (but still serves booze)? While summer provides the perfect backdrop for long afternoons spent in beer gardens, all too often you’re fighting the crowds for a good table and waiting for ages to get your food. If you’re looking for somewhere a little different to celebrate your birthday this year – but can’t sacrifice the free-flowing booze – we’ve got you.

Here are 4 places where you can take your birthday celebrations, that isn’t the pub you hit up every weekend. Pubs, we love you, but we also think it’s time Aussies took their birthday somewhere differently.

1. Go wild

It’s summer – you want to be out and about making the most of this gorgeous (if not sometimes stifling) weather. The whole reason people crowd around beer gardens is to enjoy the shade, sun, and gentle breeze, so it stands to reason that you can enjoy those same weather elements somewhere else (like out in nature, perhaps?)

So why not Go Wild for your birthday this year? This country is full of incredible landscapes and scenery, from beaches to bushlands, and a lot of them are free from crowds and all yours to enjoy. Pack a picnic lunch (or bring in picnic catering), stuff an esky full of ice cold beers, and head out deep in nature.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Beaches, lakes, rivers, waterholes, and anywhere else you can throw in your hot, sweaty body to cool down,
  • National parks (there are plenty), or
  • Clifftops (for when you’re more about the views than jumping in the water).

Sure, it can be difficult to pitch the idea to certain friends (see: very white ones, very lazy ones), but those who truly love you will go anywhere to celebrate your birthday.

2. Booze-fuelled activities

If all you were planning for birthday celebrations was a small get-together with your closest crew, save the pub dinner for next time and try an activity instead. There’s no better way to enjoy a unique, memorable birthday than by doing something different – you can sit around the table and chat anytime, this is a moment for experiencing new things!

From cooking classes to painting classes, indoor putt putt, and even fermentation workshops, more and more activities are popping up that get you engaging in new and different things while learning a little something. You’re getting a year older, so you might as well learn something, right?

If you’re worried about the booze element – don’t worry – you’ll find plenty of activities that allow for beer and wine consumption. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Cooking classes,
  • Painting & vino,
  • Indoor putt putt,
  • Fermentation workshops,
  • Lawn bowls (come on, it’s a classic activity).

3. Hidden venue

If you’re just hiring out a room in a bar or pub, then this suggestion is for you. Why hire out a room in a pub that’ll be teeming with people who aren’t invited to your birthday party, when you could throw your big bash in a hidden venue instead?

What on earth is a hidden venue? It’s a secret space that’s hidden from public eyes and all yours to enjoy in privacy. Not your average party venue, hidden venues are beautiful spaces that are tucked inside old buildings, restaurants, and warehouses. If you’re looking for plenty of space and privacy to do your thing without unwanted guests, hidden venues are where you need to look.

From private restaurants to spaces under the Harbour Bridge and extravagant ballrooms from the past, we’ve got exclusive access to a range of hidden venues that’ll make your birthday party a step above the rest (and a whole staircase above the pub).

4. On a boat

Part-venue, part-floating pub, boats are one unforgettable way to spend your birthday. Unfortunately, if you don’t own one or know somebody who owns one, boats are often forgotten about as an option for partying! What could be better than hiring a boat to cruise down the harbour or Hawkesbury, enjoying an outdoor BBQ and frequent dips into the surrounding waters?

Pump the music, enjoy an intimate birthday party setting with your closest friends, and go exploring the waters to wherever your heart desires. If you’re still on the boat by the time sunset hits, then you’ll be in for a real birthday treat (no cake can taste as sweet as watching the sunset from a boat).

Pubs are great, but there’s always time for soaking up the sun in a beer garden. Use your birthday as an opportunity to venture out into new and exciting places, enjoying nature, new spaces and venues, and unique fun times with your friends.

Need help planning an awesome birthday bash, or want to organise for a mouth-watering lunch, dinner, or private catering? From private chefs to platters, picnics, and party catering, we’ll make sure your birthday is one seriously delicious event.