5 Wedding Party Trends That Will Dominate 2019

If you’re planning your 2019 wedding now, throw out all the ideas you had this year. We’ve got the forecast for the hottest wedding trends in 2019 and you’ll be wanting to make your plans with these trends in mind. Your wedding is arguably the biggest party you’ll ever throw in your life – and you don’t want to make it an outdated one!

As a catering and events company we can see trends coming from a mile away, and weddings are one event that’s transforming like crazy.

Brides and grooms are turning away from traditional wedding parties and planning weddings that are more creative, more intimate, and more interactive. They’re all about bespoke experiences that reflect the personality and character of the couple. In fact, we think weddings are starting to look a lot like miniature festivals, with booths and performers and fun food experiences.

So, what are the biggest wedding trends you can expect to see in 2019? Keep reading and you’ll be impressing the socks off your entire guest list – guaranteed!

1. Bespoke weddings

It’s your wedding, and you should have the choice to curate every single part of it – no matter how small. When throwing a wedding traditionally (unless you were made of big bucks), you’d have very limited choice in what look to go for, what food to serve, and which venues to host your event.

Now, there’s seemingly no limit on what kind of wedding you can throw. People are expressing their individuality with more vigour, taking their weddings and turning them into unique showcases of their personality and love. In turn, wedding catering companies, wedding venues, and wedding party planners are all listening up.

2019 is all about bespoke weddings, mark our words. As the bride or groom, you have complete say in what you’d like and how you’d like it. So get creative – there’s never been a better time to throw an outlandish unique wedding.

2. Smaller & more casual

Couples are increasingly choosing to not splurge on their wedding and save the cash for big holidays or buying a house instead. We’re seeing less and less of those big, formal weddings, and more casual parties with the couple’s closest friends and family.

With small budgets you can either throw an economical big wedding or a more extravagant smaller wedding. Weddings are all about going all out – it’s your big day after all! So people are opting for the latter, with smaller budgets that don’t hold them back from planning a good time.

Smaller guest lists also mean more intimate weddings. It’s less about inviting the whole extended family, and more about sharing your day with the people you care about most. Auntie Suze will get over it – you haven’t seen her in years anyway.

3. Festival weddings

Weddings are starting to look a lot like small festivals. Fewer guests and more casual settings are making wedding parties more interactive and communal. From the food to the entertainment, couples are creating experiences that have guests off their chairs and mixing and mingling around the venue.

Food is becoming a more shared experience, with less traditional serving styles and more interactive dining experiences. Whether that’s live-cooking from a celebrity chef, big shared grazing tables, long communal dining tables, or DIY food and dessert stations, food is becoming a lot more than your average wedding catering experience.

You can also expect to see all sorts of wild and wacky entertainment, from fire breathers to magicians, choreographed dances, and belly dancers. People want to be wowed, and brides and grooms are impressing their guests with all sorts of festival-style entertainment.

4. Branded weddings & invitations

For some reason, couples are choosing to be a lot more creative with their weddings lately, and we’re not complaining! One of the ways couples are putting forth their individual and unique personalities is with wedding & invitation branding. More and more weddings are featuring a sweeping, cohesive, and consistent theme that encompasses everything from invitation suites to venue decor, outfits, flowers, food, and more.

The branding style will be a reflection of the couple, whether that’s retro or pastel or badass bikie. That said, we’re already seeing huge lean towards trends featuring:

  • Watercolour washes,
  • Botanical themes,
  • Custom illustrations and monograms (printed on everything from napkins to the cake!),
  • Wax seals on invitations,
  • Marble and agate patterns,
  • Geometric patterns, and
  • Raised gold, silver, or rose gold foil text.

In short: weddings are becoming more Instagrammable.

5. Personalised wedding boxes

Smaller and more intimate weddings have paved the way for couples to create personalised wedding boxes for each of their guests. Rather than offering general wedding gifts (which let’s be frank, are often tossed aside), couples are creating customised one-of-a-kind boxes that give each guest lots of love.

Wedding boxes can be small baskets or gift boxes filled with different delights that each guest will enjoy. Popular gifts to fill in each box include personalised notes, beer or wine, candles, wedding information (such as menus), flowers, chocolates, nuts, and more. Guests love them and they’re a much warmer way to say thank you than with a generic gift.

We’re seeing a huge transformation in the way weddings are celebrated, and we’re loving it. More creative freedom and interactive experiences are making weddings a unique celebration of a couple’s personality and love.

If you’re planning a wedding and need some help turning your ideas into a reality, our awesome team can do it all. From unique wedding catering experiences to secret venues and celebrity chefs – we’ll help you throw the party of your dreams.